Seamless Microfiber

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Best place to buy 32DD bra?

I have a hard time bra shopping, because I love Victoria's Secret but they don't make a 32DD, and the 34D and DD are way too big around my ribs and ride up too high. I've been "making do", but I'm getting tired of it. I need some advice from the girls on some stores that make different and "not the norm" size bras that are still pretty and sexy.

Best Answer...


A serious answer for you.

Depending on what you are looking for there are several styles available. I wear a 36DD and I recently purchased a great bra online for everyday wear. It works with fitted clothing and gives me just the look I was looking for (lift and shape).

I will be placing an order soon, and will also try the strapless style in the same brand Dominique.

There are also several European brands that are really good, but very expensive. Try searing for Panache or Fayreform