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Frequently Asked Questions...

How long can I leave my 3 month old kitten home alone?

I have a 3 month old kitten who's never been home alone longer than 12 hours. I have to leave town next week (business trip), which requires me to leave Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday night. Will it be safe to leave him home alone? what do I need to do to keep him safe? will plenty of water, food and toys work for him? This is the first time I leave him alone, and I'm a little worried...

Best Answer...


I think your cat will be fine. 3 days is not to long for your cat to be alone. i wouldnt recommend more than 3 days. people leave there cats for trips all the time. heres a few tips for ya though.

Move all your houseplants, if you have any, out of harm's way. Even if your cat has never shown an interest in any of them, if your cat isn't used to being alone, your plants may fall victim to his anxieties.

Leave out something you've worn recently, preferably on your bed or someplace else where your cat sleeps. This lets it have your smell and provides comfort for it while you travel. Be prepared to sacrifice it in the name of pet care, so don't go with your good suit or dress.

Set up extra water dishes. Like people, cats need lots of water.

Set out enough food for your cat. If your cat is a picky eater, a big bowl or extra bowls will suffice while you travel. On the other hand, if your cat eats everything set before him all at once, you might want to invest in a self-feeder from your local pet store.

Bring something home for it, whether it's an extra cat toy or some fresh catnip or other treat. Like human members of the family, your cat will miss you. Even if they proceed to ignore you for the next week, they still care. Turn your absence into something that ends well.

Dont worry really. your cat will be fine. If you could i would have someone check on your cat one day just for precaution to make sure he hasnt knocked over the water bowl or something lol. but if you cant thats ok. 3 days isnt really to long of a time. good luck. hope i helped.