Lace Mini Dress

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how to wear a white lace dress in the daytime?

i need a little help: i have this amazing, vintage-looking white 3/4 sleeve lace mini dress and i want to wear it during the daytime. it looks a little fancy though, like something you'd wear to a wedding or fancy party. & i live in a place where everybody kinda dresses very casual but this dress is TOTALLY my style so i'm just going to go ahead and wear it anyway. also, how do you think i should style my hair and makeup?

thanks for your help! :)
@ada, the question wasn't "can" it was "how" :)
thanks for everyone's answers so far!

Best Answer...


I think that dress would be fabulous with a pair of cork heeled shoes in the same color as the dress. The cork heel will make the outfit casual. Pull your hair up in a ponytail to show off the lace designs and do a natural eye plus a soft pink lip.