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Frequently Asked Questions...

SURVEY: What are the first 10 things you do on a summer morning?

Tell me the first 10 things you do in the morning.

mine are :

~Slam the snooze button
~turn on tv
~put on my fuzzy slippers
~walk to the bathroom to take show and use clean and clear
~dry off, and of course put on my clothes-padded bra, cute panties,shorts cute shirt, etc.
~go downstairs, to eat breakfast. (brush teeth after)
~sometimes watch a lil tv and change into bikini to swim in my pool.
~get out of pool and go eat lunch
~go on the computer and chat with friends
~then like.... just hang out.

i wanna know what u do in the morning. =) hope you like this survey

Best Answer...


1. Wake up and stretch in bed. Enjoy the sun shining through my shades.
2. Go outside and get the newspaper. Enjoy the warm weather.
3. Make breakfast.. usually a couple eggs, yogurt, or cereal and read a couple of articles in the newspaper.
4. Take a shower and brush my teeth.
5. Walk around naked and air dry :)
6. Blow dry my hair and put on some mascara and chapstick.
7. Put on clothes. Usually a skirt and a tee or a dress (underwear in the summer is so overrated!)
8. Make my bed.
9. Check my email.
10. Head out for the day.. whether it's to the beach, work, or to run some errands.